🌟 Creating Composite API with webMethods API Mashup! 🌟

webMethods User Group North America
Mar 8, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Virtual event

About this event

Join us for an immersive virtual user group session where we dive into the world of creating Composite APIs using the powerful webMethods API Mashup technique.

Composite API combines the functionality of different APIs into a single call. With API Mashup, developers can save time and effort by executing multiple REST services simultaneously. This feature enables you to extend the functionality of a service by having it call other services in the background, either in series or in parallel.

During this advanced, technical session we will explore the benefits of using API Mashup:

- Enhanced Functionality: API Mashups allow you to extend the functionality of your web application by integrating multiple APIs into a single call. This enables you to create powerful and feature-rich applications.

- Streamlined Workflow: Instead of making multiple API calls separately, API Mashup enables you to combine them into a single call. This simplifies the workflow and saves valuable development time.

- Improved Performance: By executing multiple microservices in parallel, API Mashup reduces latency and improves service response time. This ensures a smooth and seamless user experience.

- Simplified Integration: With API Mashup, you can easily integrate APIs from different sources into your application. This eliminates the need for complex integration processes and reduces dependencies.

- Efficient Resource Utilization: API Mashup enables you to leverage the existing APIs and services rather than developing new ones. This optimizes resource utilization and reduces development efforts.

One lucky attendee will win a SWAG bundle including a backpack, notebook, water bottle and JBL Flip 5 speaker. 


  • Vimal Kumar

    Software AG

    Senior Solutions Architect


  • Ernie Denninger

    Software AG

    Director, Systems Engineering

  • Tarak Kunar

    Software AG


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