Join us for the IoT Hackathon @ IUG 2023

How to extend the Analytics Builder with custom blocks

IoT Developers

Wed, Nov 16, 1:00 PM (UTC)


Cumulocity IoT
IoT & Analytics

About this event

The Analytics Builder is a powerful tool for domain experts to define analytics models in Cumulocity IoT. It comes with tons of pre-build blocks to do complex analytics. But sometimes the pre-build blocks are not sufficient and you want to extend it with your own block.

In this event we show you how!

The following topics will be covered:

- Introduction to Analytics Builder and Apama

- Live coding session: Build your own block with the Analytics Builder SDK

- How to test your Block with Pysys

- Build & Deployment of Analytics Builder blocks

- Outlook: Existing open-source blocks

- Q&A


  • Mario Heidenreich

    Software AG

    Senior Principal Consultant IoT & Devices


  • Stefan Witschel

    Software AG

    Developer Ecosystem Manager - IoT


  • Stefan Witschel

    Software AG

    Ecosystem Manager, IoT & Analytics