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Dynamic MQTT Mapping - How to connect (almost) any MQTT Device to Cumulocity IoT

IoT Developers

Wed, Oct 19, 12:00 PM (UTC)


Cumulocity IoT
IoT & Analytics

About this event

Connect (almost) any MQTT Device to Cumulocity IoT in a zero-code approach!

Cumulocity IoT provides a MQTT endpoint dedicated to the Cumulocity Data format to connect MQTT Devices. But what about devices using a pre-defined topic structure and JSON payload? In this event we will demonstrate how this can be achieved - on a concept level and a live demo. 

The base of this session is this extension

The following topics will be covered:

- Dynamic MQTT Mapping Solution Architecture

- MQTT Topic & Data Mapping - Using a graphical UI to map device data to Cumulocity IoT Domain Model

- Extension: Cumulocity MQTT Mapper

- Extension: Cumulocity MQTT Mapping UI

- Live Demo: Connecting a device with a an example topic structure & payload to Cumulocity IoT. Mapping of data to Cumulocity IoT Domain Model in a zero-code approach.

- When to use & next steps

- Q&A


  • Christof Strack

    Software AG

    Senior Solution Architect

  • Stefan Witschel

    Software AG

    Developer Ecosystem Manager - IoT


  • Stefan Witschel

    Software AG

    Ecosystem Manager, IoT & Analytics