Ask Research and Development: Natural Syntax and Runtime

International Adabas & Natural User Group
Oct 12, 2023, 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Virtual event
Adabas & Natural

About this event

Get technical tips and tricks from the professionals who develop Natural! The Software AG R&D team for Natural for z/OS® shares advice on Natural Syntax and Runtime options.

Join us as we explore topics such as:

  • How to improve performance with STORE / UPDATE
  • What Is the difference between READ … THRU and READ … TO
  • How to read with Adabas Multi-Fetch 
  • Understanding COMPRESS with EM
  • How to call a REST API from Natural
  • How to use the WHICH command

Please send us your detailed questions on the TechCommunity or simply email

Featured Presentations

To view presentation slides, please visit this page on the Software AG Tech Community 


  • Achim Lotz

    Software AG

    Director R&D Natural Mainframe & QE

  • Stefan Diehl

    Software AG

    Sr. Software Specialist • Natural Mainframe & Quality Engineering

  • Rahul Kumar

    Software AG

    Sr. Software Engineer Natural

  • Philippe Van Coppenolle

    Software AG

    Natural Compiler R&D Specialist

  • Thomas Frischmann

    Software AG

    Sr. Software Specialist - Natural Compiler

  • Satya Kulkarni

    Software AG

    Software Developer, Natural Security R&D


  • Eli Cohen

    Software AG

    Natural Product Management


  • Jesper Orland

    Tryg, Denmark

    Integrations Architecture and Platform Lead

  • Nicole Ritchie

    Software AG

    Adabas & Natural Product Marketing

  • Nina Klueckmann

    Software AG

    Director Customer Marketing

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