Webinar: Modernize Mainframe Data for Cloud Analytics

Adabas & Natural User Group North America
Nov 30, 2022, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Virtual event
Adabas & NaturalIntegrationStreamSets

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Webinar: Modernize Mainframe Data for Cloud Analytics - Explore how to turn Data into Value with Bloor Research

Are you leveraging your organizations most valuable data for your data analytics?

The rise of cloud data analytic platforms such as Snowflake™, AWS and Databricks® is having a transformational impact on business. Data analysts and engineers now have greater computing power and scale to make meaningful predictive analysis on larger data sets than ever before. But output is only as good as the input. Is your most valuable data—residing on the mainframe—available in a format that can be easily shared and read?

Bloor Research examines the latest trends in cloud data analytics and the value of including enterprise mainframe data. Explore the challenges to data sharing such as unique data formats, security, business continuity, and data drift.

Discover how Software AG CONNX and StreamSets provide an optimal data integration solution for data analytics by modernizing your mainframe data and delivering it analytics-ready without disrupting business continuity. Empower your organization to turn data into value.

Join Bloor Research Analyst Daniel Howard and Software AG as they explore:

  • Why you should care about the latest trends in data analytics
  • What criteria to use when selecting a data integration solution
  • No-code options to modernize your mainframe data to be analytics-ready

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