One path to a successful implementation of NaturalONE

Adabas & Natural User Group North America

Sep 30, 2021, 3:00 – 4:30 PM


Join the Natural Administration team from Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and discover how they overcame programmer resistance to successfully implement and thrive using NaturalONE and DevOPs. Get tips and techniques as well as real-world samples of architecture, configuration and implementations.

Adabas & Natural

About this event

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts successfully implemented NaturalONE in the spring of 2019, deploying the NaturalONE client to 40+ Windows 10 laptops, and upgraded to mainframe Natural V9 a few months later. We had a rocky start and a lot of resistance from senior programmers, but we survived and are thriving – even the programmer with Natural 1.2 mainframe editing experience has made the leap and is editing Natural code in NaturalONE.

Join us as we share our experienced-based insights on the following topics: 

  • How to get your programming staff to accept the change to NaturalONE
  • Overview of TX CPA NDV Architecture for Application Development Life Cycle
  • Sample an NDV configuration reference guide provided to NaturalONE users
  • Discuss differences between configuration files for NDV batch server and NDV server with the CICS adapter
  • How to set up NDV Monitor (NATMOPI)
  • Review pre-requisites/restrictions to adhere to for NDV CICS Adapter
  • External Security Configuration requirements you won’t want to miss
  • How do I DEBUG code in NaturalONE? (Just an overview reference)
  • Lessons learned from issues we encountered, so you can have a smoother implementation
  • Tips and techniques for using NaturalONE features that highlight the power of the NaturalONE IDE

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  • Kathy Jackson

    Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

    Natural Administrator

  • Colby Holmes

    Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

    Natural Programmer & NaturalONE Trainer


  • Patrick Gould

    Software AG Government Solution

    Chief IT Architect

  • Edyn Segura

    Software AG


  • Nicole Ritchie

    Software AG

    Product Marketing

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